Austin MacGinnis Hard Knocks Report: Episode 5

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The fifteenth season of Hard Knocks concluded last night as both the Los Angeles Rams and the Los Angeles Chargers finalized their 53-man rosters and closed the doors to HBO's cameras to begin preparations for NFL Week 1. The end of Hard Knocks also marks the end of the Austin MacGinnis Hard Knocks Report, the weekly recap of our former podcaster's screen time during camp with the Rams. This week's final recap is not the ending we all wanted.

Austin MacGinnis Hard Knocks Report: Ep. 5

The season finale of HBO's Hard Knocks was a tough one to get excited about, knowing our favorite kicker was waived by the Los Angeles Rams last weekend. Hard Knocks loves to show the moment players learn they've been cut, and Austin MacGinnis' fans knew there was a chance we'd see him get called into Sean McVay's office to receive the bad news. MacGinnis did not get his exit scene. He did not get any scene. It was the fifth straight episode without MacGinnis' story making the show. We're OK with that this time. Approx. Screentime: 0 secs   While we're on the subject, it's absolutely criminal that Austin MacGinnis can't make a roster. In this case he lost out to a rookie from Miami OH, alma mater of Rams head coach Sean McVay. It was a questionable roster decision given reports of the actual kicking in camp, plus MacGinnis coming off a 10-for-10 season in the XFL and other guy going undrafted out of the MAC. But what do I know? All I know is I want the Rams to lose every game by 500 now. Thank you for following along for five weeks. Austin MacGinnis Hard Knocks Report, OUT.

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