Avoid being these people on Sunday!!
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Avoid being these people on Sunday!!

Bryan the Internalmost 14 years


Article written by:Bryan the InternBryan the Intern
apparell.jpg I love Super Bowl parties.  It's got everything you could want.  You got all the food and adult beverages you can consume.  You get a good football game normally.  You get a few good commercials here and there.  And, you get the ladies actually interested in a sporting event.  And, with Tom Brady in the game this year, the women should be coming out in full force.  But, when I went to Super Bowl parties in college, a weird thing began happening.  These jerk-offs would not pay one damn second of attention to the game, but when there was a time-out it was "Shut up, everybody!!! The Monster.com commercial is coming on."  And god forbid if you spoke during the commercial break, these guys would put a freakin evil spell on you.  A guy that is most interested in comic books and animae is telling me to shut up on the biggest sports day in America.  I don't think so.  But, according to this article, thats one of only 11 personalities to avoid this Sunday.  But, better advice is to try and avoid BEING one of these personalities.  Myself, I am the fantasy guy.  But, after this article, I am the "I'm gonna shut the hell up" guy. 

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