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babygenius Normally the Tuesday night post is done by one Beisner, but we salute the worst movie ever made (yes I have seen it) for the same reason that he cannot be here. As you are reading this, Beisner is having a baby in Tampa, Florida. Well he isnt really having a baby, but his alleged wife is having one and Beisner is at the hospital, pacing back and forth with a bottle of scotch and a cigar to share with Don Draper after the big moment. Maggard is reporting that the child is supposed to be a boy and is currently leaning towards Arizona (he will have a 2 hour podcast with Beisner next week on the decision-making process). We dont as of yet know the name of said baby, but at last word the name KC-Ross Beisner was the early leader. We wish Beisner and the mother-to-be nothing but the best and welcome in yet another member of the KSR family, this one already more knowledgeable about sports than Brian the Intern. A night of quick hitters: --- The big story today is the John Wall SI Cover story which will be release today on newstands everywhere (do they still have newstands?) In the article, Wall talks about how he became driven in basketball and shares his Michael Jordan-like story that he was cut from the high school varsity basketball team as a Sophomore. The article is noteworthy for a number of things, but I like the fact that it talks about his experience in Lexington, including mentioning Tolly Ho and Two Keys in the process. Wall's legacy is now a part of UK's legacy and the benefit to the program for that connection will continue to pay dividends. --- He also talks in the story about the John Wall Dance and how Wall insists he really didnt come up with it, but rather it was from a Louisville "rap king" Kenzo's video "Do The Shizz." Besides leading to Grant Wahl's great line "Wall is the Shizz", it puts into words a complaint I have gotten a lot in my email box. Yes I know Wall didnt invent the dance...some rapper in Louisville did. Good for him. But who made it famous, Wall or this Kenzo fella? Wall. I will call it the John Wall Dance and when Kenzo is able to beat UCONN, UNC and Louisville, then I will let him have credit for John Wall's next basketball move. --- Jerry Tipton is his usual chipper self in this Herald Leader story entitled "Pursuit of Perfection Becomes Distraction for the Cats." Great title, but it is of course a Tipton opinion piece designed as news. As "proof" for this conclusion, Tipton cites no quotes from Calipari agreeing, but rather more general quotes about the team's focus and (as Beisner first pointed out) cites to games against UNC, UCONN and in November, all of which occurred before the "Pursuit of Perfection" even really began. That is fine if it is Tipton's opinion that this so-called pursuit is a distraction, but that is his OPINION...not a factual story, unsupported by any quotes from the particulars involved. One day when the newspaper ceases to exist, maybe they will learn. --- Kentucky's next opponent is the Georgia Mark Foxes and they pulled an upset tonight over Georgia Tech at home. Georgia (along with Auburn) has the weakest roster in the SEC and the home game should be the easiest in the SEC this season. A good chance to get settled in before tougher conference play arrives. --- Adam Zagoria is reporting that Michael Gilchrist had a knee injury tonight and as of the time of this writing, is in the ER. Gilchrist is the consensus #1 player in America for 2011 and a very likely future Cat. Lets hope all ends up ok for the young man. --- I watched the Bachelor premiere on DVR tonight and it was brilliant. Who are these women? Where are there 25 attractive women who are so desperate for one random guy that they will fight to become his selection, really exist? Can we do that on KSR? If so, instead of roses can we give out free passes to Red Lobster for each elimination? --- If hell had a sports television network, it would show Iowa vs Georgia Tech in the Orange Bowl on repeat. --- I would expect some football staff changes fairly soon in the new Joker Phillips regime. I expect a couple of familiar faces next year, but in general I think you will see Joker go in a different direction at a couple of key positions. --- Tim Brando has a gigantic head and that is saying something coming from me. I saw him in person once and he had the reddest, roundest head that I could have ever imagined. He also has the ire of UK fans, and this great story from Alan Cutler showcases that when he gets upset at some UK fans, he loses that big head of his. Thats all for now...a lot coming today and we will have a LIVE BLOG on Wednesday night. Stay tuned and congrats to the Beez....

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