Back from vacation and I don't know anything that happened while I was gone

Back from vacation and I don't know anything that happened while I was gone

Drew Franklinabout 4 years


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Well hello there, KSR! Long time, no talk! I survived my 10-day trip across the pond for The Open and some adventurous opposite-side driving and pub crawling (not together, of course) around Ireland, England and Scotland. I have plenty of stories from my European vacation that I'll share on Friday's radio show and maybe here on the site some other time, but for now I want to go ahead and let you know that I have no idea what happened in Kentucky and everywhere else in the U.S. while I was gone as I successfully managed to stay off the grid. (Although I did catch word from a fellow Open spectator about Hugh Freeze calling hookers or something like that.) So, as I try to get back in the flow of navigating the KSR ship, please keep in mind that it's going to take some time to catch up. Big shout-out to Tyler, Nick, Freddie, Jack and the rest of the gang for their great work while I was gone; I'm halfway through about 15-20 pages of website posts to digest all that I missed, which, outside of basketball recruiting and people dunking on neighborhood basketball goals, doesn't seem like much so far. As for the radio shows while I was away, I listened to DeWayne Peevy and the UK football coaching staff shows this morning. If there are any others you really think I need to go back and hear, please let me know. In the meantime, I'm powering through the jet lag and the depression of stepping on the scale and checking the credit card balance as life gets back on track. I had a blast seeing other parts of the world, like standing on the edge of the Cliffs of Moher (they really need a fence there), but it's good to back in Kentucky. Matt Jones returns from his soul-searching journey around the globe this weekend and Kentucky Sports Radio returns to its regularly scheduled programming on Monday. The second leg of the summer tour isn't far away and then it's football time in the Bluegrass! Go Cats.

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