Backup Quarterback Leads Florida to Fourth Quarter Comeback Victory over Kentucky

by:Nick Roush09/14/19


Kyle Trask played hero while Kentucky let another victory over Florida slip from their fingertips. Kentucky led for most of the football game. When they slipped up in the fourth quarter, UK only needed a 35-yard field goal from Chance Poore to retake the lead with 56 seconds to play. The redshirt freshman pushed it right, the same spot he missed in the previous game. A 76-yard touchdown run three plays later gave Florida the 29-21 victory. The game changed when Kentucky opened the fourth quarter by going for it on fourth and inches. In no man's land near the 40-yard line with an 11-point lead, a conversion could have led to a score that would have been the dagger. Instead, A.J. Rose's Wildcat run was stuffed. Kentucky would go three-and-out in consecutive drives, while Florida racked up two unanswered touchdowns to take a one-point lead with 4:11 to play. Kentucky dominated the game for three quarters. In the fourth quarter Trask completed 9-of-13 passes for 126 yards on three scoring drives. When it mattered most, the Cats got sloppy. You can't commit nine penalties for 79 yards, turn the ball over four times and expect to beat a top ten team. Last year's win in The Swamp exorcised many demons, but sadly, it did not eliminate all of them. [mobile_ad]

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