Bad News about Dick Weiss

Matt Jonesover 8 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
dick weiss Dick "Hoops" Weiss was apparently let go from his job with the New York Daily News today, according to multiple reports. I must admit to being very sad at this news, as Weiss is one of the true legends of college basketball reporting. With his love of the game and his huge treasure trove of knowledge, Weiss is one of the go-to guys for all media members when it comes to information on the sport. But more importantly to me, Weiss is a great guy. When he comes to Lexington for games, he always takes the time to talk to me about KSR and what we are doing and listening to his conversations with Oscar Combs about old times is one of the highlights of my year each time it happens. He is also known around these parts for having written what I believe is the best book about UK basketball, a year spent with Rick Pitino and the 1992 Kentucky team. His insights on the team and his behind the scenes stories are as good as we have ever seen on the subject of UK. My hope is he will find another home very soon. He is one of the truly good guys in the profession, and his love for UK and the Cats' history will most definitely be missed.

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