Bam Adebayo thinks his mom is sick of seeing him during quarantine

<small>IG: bam1of1</small>

IG: bam1of1

Bam Adebayo and his mother Marilyn Blount are famously close, but as we all reach our limits of boredom during quarantine, Bam thinks even she’s sick of him dropping by from the upper floors of the condominium building they share in Miami. In an Instagram Live interview with Jason Jackson yesterday, Bam admitted that right now, only his dog Zeus seems happy to see him this much.

“She’s good, I’m good. It’s just…we’re bored. I feel like she gets tired of seeing me now. I go down there every day and I just be sitting down there talking to her. I know she be like, ‘You know, you’ve got to — I’m sick of seeing you.’ Zeus, for the most part, is enjoying my company.”


Bam said he’s doing his best to stay in shape during the quarantine by running with Zeus and riding his Peloton bike (jealous). Like a lot of us, he’s on Twitter a lot more. Every day, Bam posts a picture, video or GIF describing his quarantine mood. Here are just a few.


[H/T to the Miami Herald]

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