Bardstown Man Wins John Wall Shoe Contest

Will Lentzover 10 years


Aritcle written by:Will LentzWill Lentz

Most everybody has hobbies.  Some are totally cool like hang gliding into a jungle to fight an army of bears, some are totally lame like starting sports blogs, but most everyone has something they do in their free time.  For Dylan Stratton it’s collecting shoes. 

I know, I know, collecting shoes may sound like something you’d hear on Kentucky Sex and the City Radio before you’d hear it on KSR, but roll with me.  Former Kentucky star – and budding NBA super star – John Wall held a contest with his Reebok to design a version of his new shoes, and Bardstown resident Dylan Stratton was the winner.

Stratton is just 19, but because he knows shoes he will get a chance to fly to LA for the All Star weekend, meet John Wall and apparently get some autographed ‘kicks’ as the kids were calling them yesterday.  All in all it’s a pretty cool experience, and you gotta like that a Kentucky fan won the contest.

Stratton – get a picture with Wall holding a free enes sign and you can have an all expense paid trip to BTI’s house for dinner.

Here is a picture of the winning design:


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