Barker: "This is the most consistent camp since I've been here"

Drew Franklinabout 5 years


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practice-3 Kentucky's fall football camp is over as classes start back up tomorrow and Southern Miss prep begins on Thursday. It was a long 20 days for the Wildcats, going all the way back to camp check-in on August 3rd, but Drew Barker believes it was a very good one. In fact, he can't remember a bad day. And if there was one, the team bounced right back the following practice. Earlier today, in the final podium appearance of camp, Barker called Fall 2016 the most consistent of the three camps he has been a part of under Mark Stoops. "This is definitely the most consistent camp I’ve had since I’ve been here," he said. "Every single day I don’t think we really had a bad day. Maybe one. But if that we bounced back right after the next practice. I don’t think there’s really been many bad days. We just have to carry that consistency over into Saturdays and translate all the work we’ve done all offseason and this camp." Now it's on to game prep after a break for the first day of school. Barker's new focus with the season only days ahead? "Really just studying the game plan hard; watching a ton of film on those guys; just learning their personnel and stuff like that, but really just mental stuff. Obviously at the end of camp everybody’s got to get their legs back. We’ve been having a bunch of two-a-days and stuff, so just getting our body’s prepared for games as well." It's almost time, Cats fans.

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