Barnhart says no more SkyCam

Barnhart says no more SkyCam

Drew Franklinover 10 years


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skycam-barnhart We can all let out a sigh of relief now.  Mitch Barnhart says UK will no longer approve the SkyCam camera location in the future. The UK A.D. posted the news on Twitter, where most of the complaints went down last night during the game.  So far there has not been one positive thing said about ESPN's test run with the SkyCam.  Complaints range from constant vomiting to inability to track the ball on a shot, and Josh Harrellson's vertical looking the same as everyone else's.  Many Kentucky fans went as far as turning their TVs off and listening to the radio broadcast.  Thank God... er... Barnhart, we won't have to deal with it again. The SkyCam ranks high among ESPN's worst ideas ever, along with The Decision, TitleTown USA, Who's Next, and putting Barry Melrose on television.

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