Barnhart: "We're in OK shape"

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Kentucky took a swing at a new football season ticket package yesterday in the hopes of increasing sales and offering new opportunities in season ticket packaging. The three and four-game mini-packages are being offered to fans at a reduced price as opposed to buying the full season ticket package allotment. The Lexington Herald Leader dove into the reasoning behind the new offering, even quoting athletic director Mitch Barnhart and other UK spokesmen about the new process and the state of season ticket sales. The result was not entirely convincing. UK spokesman Tony Neely offered up one reason for the mini-package option.
"We've seen a lot of other schools doing similar things and we wanted to offer something new to our fans."
When asked more specifically by the Herald Leader about the renewal figures, Barnhart gave the following indication about the state.
"I'm not saying we're in horrible shape; we're in OK shape. We're steadily selling. We're down a little bit, but not horrible. We're pretty steady during the summer and the numbers are just about where they were last year in terms of steady during the summer."
Those surrounding the program are not saying that the new mini-packages are directly related to the current season ticket sales numbers. Other explanations have been offered, such as giving fans who might live far away a chance to see a sampling of games, instead of having to travel to Lexington for every game. The reduced prices are also an incentive and more economically friendly. To read the entire article from the Herald Leader, click here.   

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