Bartender, I'll Have a John Wall

Patrick Barkeralmost 12 years


Aritcle written by:Patrick BarkerPatrick Barker
shot20blueIt looks "incendiary" to me. John Wall can't even legally drink yet, but at the World Famous Two Keys Tavern, there's a shot named in his honor. Of course, it's an "unofficial" drink, and you won't find it advertised anywhere, but ask the bartender for a John Wall and he'll know just what to fix. It looks a little girly to me, (blue raspberry vodka, sour mix and Sprite) but I would probably drink one just because it's called a John Wall. Has there ever been a shot named after a player before? I don't recall Avio ever having a "Heissenbuttel" or serving a "Obrzut" to the masses, but then again, I didn't frequent many bars in my undergrad days. Now that Drew has found out about this, he's already created a drinking game.  Every Wall assist and down the hatch a John Wall goes.  And I'll forewarn you- Drew always wins.  Please drink responsibly.

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