"Basketball" is Kentuckians' Favorite Dating Profile Word

"Basketball" is Kentuckians' Favorite Dating Profile Word

Matt Jonesover 6 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
CDjrRwYUUAAUFNH How many of you have an online dating profile, raise your hand? Now include Tinder...now raise them again. Chances are if you are single and under 50, you either have had one or will have one at some point in your life, even if just for fun. And if you have, then the above map may be interesting to you. Vox.com looked at a study of dating profiles and checked which word was used more often in a state than in the rest of the country...and the winning word in Kentucky was not surprisingly, "Basketball." Kentuckians use the word basketball in their online dating profiles disproportionately more than any other state in the country...and I bet if we looked more into it, the phrases "#BBN", "Calipari" and "Reload" probably would have been on the list as well. At least we aren't Mississippi...what kind of word is "lookin" anyway?

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