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[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="400"] (Hand check...)[/caption] Two of the main characters in my two favorite basketball movies of all time share a birthday today: Omar Epps and Ray Allen. Epps is celebrating his 39th birthday and Ray Allen is celebrating his 37th (for some reason I pegged him as a lot older than that) birthday. Epps starred in a movie, Love & Basketball, that incorporated three of my favorite things: the game of basketball, a seemingly deeper chick flick level of romance, and the song "This Woman's Work." Some folks wanted a love like Johnny and June. Well I wanted a love like Quincy Big Head and Monica. Ray Allen on the other hand played the role of a prized recruit in the much edgier basketball movie He Got Game. Thanks to that movie I still shout "Jesus Shuttleworth!" every time Ray Allen drains a three pointer. Also thanks to that movie, I would wager that at least a few thousand people tried to google search Big State at some point. Don't lie, you know you did too. The movie also featured bit roles by Walter McCarty (I think he wants you to follow him on Twitter) and Rick Pitino. I refrained from making a joke about how he was only on screen for about 15 seconds...   And now on to some notes from the day that was... - The buzz this week has centered squarely around the Peach Jam AAU tournament in Augusta, Georgia. We are beginning to sound like a broken record around here with this statement, but all that anyone can seem to talk about is Andrew Wiggins. The praise is constant and it's coming from all directions. Tonight Wiggins suited up in what became the showcase game of the evening, featuring a match-up between he and another Kentucky recruit-- Julius Randle. The two put on a show for the massive crowd that poured into the gym to catch a glimpse of two of the biggest stars in the high school circuit. According to those in attendance, Wiggins drew the defensive assignment of Randle from the start and held him in check early. The final numbers for both players were impressive though, with Wiggins posting 28 points to go along with 13 rebounds. Randle finished with 15 points and 13 rebounds. The Twitter world has been enamored with Wiggins all afternoon and evening. Here's just a sampling: - In related news, I just finished by Christmas List 1) Andrew Wiggins 2) Derek Anderson to join Calipari's staff in some capacity 3) Andrew Wiggins 4) Love & Basketball on Blu-Ray - Another Kentucky target, 2014 point guard Tyus Jones, dropped 31 points and 10 assists in the evening session tonight. Tyus has been on fire during the Peach Jam this weekend, racking up a 24 ppg scoring average heading into the late session tonight. - I'm not exactly sure what to expect when it comes to football game attendance by the fans in the fall. First it was the stories flooding in from some long-time season ticket holders about forgoing their renewal heading into the season. Then the rumors began to sprout about people formerly on a long waiting list for parking passes being offered those passes. Today we mentioned two more tidbits about football tickets that will hopefully help encourage and increase the attendance at Commonwealth for next season. The first tidbit was that the cheerleaders and the mascot have been going around and rewarding season ticket holders with surprise visits. The second was that UK will now be offering football "mini-pack" ticket options for fans who may not be able to make every game in Commonwealth. The information below explains more specific details of the package: UK is offering the “Touchdown 3-game pack” and “Quarterback 4-game pack” for fans who can’t make it out for every game. The tickets packs are priced at $115 and $140 each, so you’ll save up to $24 per person over the cost of buying single game tickets. Plus, if you get your order in by August 10th, you’ll receive a free Olympic Sports Pass. That’ll get you into volleyball, gymnastics, women’s basketball, and soccer games. Check out for more information. -Marquis Teague likes gummy bears and Doron Lamb washes his hands before games. Hey, it's summer! - Our friends over at shared a fun nugget from the upcoming NBA2K13 video game that will be coming to an XBOX Live near you. Apparently Anthony Davis will be the #1 ranked rookie (duh) in the game with the skill set given to him. 
"AD's game should give him high ratings in defensive awareness, shot blocking and dunking and he'll be respectable with his inside scoring and rebounding ratings. Davis should have shooting range of out to 17 feet and have plenty of plays run for him in New Orleans offense by default. The No. 1 overall pick will be New Orleans best big man and arguably their best player regardless of whether Eric Gordon returns or not. He'll be most effective on the defensive end where his ability to help on defense and swat away shots should make him a favorite of gamers who love defense."
- 2 thoughts: Do any gamers actually love defense? And just point me to the lob button and I'm good. (h/t - Michael Kidd-Gilchrist is still nursing an ailing left knee and had his impressive start to the NBA summer league cut short. Best of luck to MKG for a speedy recovery, though the Bobcats (who have done unbelievably well in summer league play) are likely just being cautious with their new prized rookie. - If you don't mind reading a bit of a lengthy article, and you enjoy reveling in the wonder that has been Anthony Davis' life over the past 12 months... head on over to KSR College to read Will Totten's post on how Davis could wrap up the greatest amateur season EVER with a gold medal in the London Olympics.  - If you are wondering what our current crop of Wildcats are up to, Josh Hopkins tweeted out a great picture this evening. I love everything about this picture. What a backdrop to train in front of, eh? 3 points for the first person to name the order in which each of the players is running in the picture...      

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