Be scared, world: Anthony Davis is still growing

Be scared, world: Anthony Davis is still growing

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonabout 5 years


Here's a terrifying thought: Anthony Davis is still getting taller. Yesterday, the 23-year-old Davis told the Black and Blue Report that he's now 6'11", an inch taller than last season. Davis, who went through a famous growth spurt in high school, said that although he's technically 6'11" now, he wants to stay at 6'10". Huh? “They measured us a week and a half ago and they said I was 6-11, which I don’t want to be,” Davis laughed. “I think 6-10 is the perfect height for me. Six-ten sounds perfect to me. I’m technically 6-11, but I’m (going to say I’m) 6-10. I will always tell everybody 6-10, I don’t care if I’m (really) 7-3. Scientifically, I’m 6-11. I grew an inch. Maybe it’s the (extra height of my) hair, I don’t know.” As someone who fights for every fraction of my 5'3.75", I don't get it, but I'm happy to hear that Davis, who battled injuries all last season and had knee surgery in March, is feeling better than ever heading into this season. “The knee’s feeling great, body’s feeling great, team’s looking great, so I’m excited,” Davis said. “I put in a lot of hours of rehab, trying to get it back to what it was. I feel like I’m more explosive, more quick. We corrected a lot of stuff that was wrong in my hips, knees, ankles, all that stuff. I feel better. I feel great, more explosive, more powerful." Taller, more explosive and more powerful?! Maybe this prophecy is going to come true after all: []

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