Beast in Hibernation at Oklahoma State

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You have to wonder what exactly is going on in the head of Matt "Beast" Pilgrim.  It took him a year at Hampton, a transfer year at Kentucky, and half a season at Oklahoma State before finally getting to see some real action in college basketball.  And Pilgrim was very successful during that half a season.  So you would think he would stay out of trouble for his last season of college ball.  Instead, Pilgrim was accused of rape in the off-season and had a protective order against him, which has since been dropped.  Now, Travis Ford has suspended The Beast indefinitely for undisclosed reasons.  Which, no matter what the reasons actually are, means that Pilgrim has not been doing what he is supposed to be doing, and that's being a senior leader on OSU.  Pilgrim has taken an almost mythical reputation with the UK fanbase, but it appears more and more that it was probably a good thing he left when he did, or he would be Cal's problem right now, and I think we know that Cal is dealing with alleged problems enough these days.

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