Beat the CARDS!

Beat the CARDS!

Matt Jonesalmost 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
tatt.jpg L-yes it hurt Its time for the most important game of the regular season. Beat Louisville and lots of the early season problems will be forgotten. The game is especially important this year because the Cards have one of the most unlikeable teams in history. Whether its T-Will, DC, E-5, Escalade or whatever other nickname the Cards have given to their parading band of morons, rooting for this Louisville team is hard for even the most diehard Cards fan. Add in the fact that Rick Pitino is starting to make the country's snake oil salesmen blush with some of his comments (Padgett may never play again....or in January.....Derrick Caracter is a changed man after one game.....yes this is my real hair) and you just have no reason to pull for Louisville. The Cats are healthy and ready to go.....Jasper and Meeks should play and play a lot and Coach Gillispie gave his most positive press conference of the year. All the signs are pointing to a big day......lets hope the Cats can seize it.

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