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Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
sder It is a beyond gorgeous day and the fact that I am inside is slightly depressing. But I am about to remedy that and my hope is that you are doing something fun as well. If not, some notes: --- If you follow KSR on twitter (here is our page) then you know that I am super optimistic about the week ahead. Yesterday, I spoke with three people, all of whom are more plugged into what UK is doing recruiting wise than anyone (whether frosted or not) that follows recruiting for any site, newspaper, etc. After those conversations, I feel confident that the next eight days will bring great news for the Cats. Here are a couple of notes on each of the players: Brandon Knight: At this point, it is all but assumed that Knight picks UK on Wednesday the 14th on ESPNU at 4 pm. He has been part of some contacts with other recruits and is selling UK as best as he can. Absent some shocker, Wednesday is the day Calipari gets his 4th straight lottery pick point guard. Doron Lamb: The most surprising news to ME of yesteday was the positivity that those around UK feel about Doron Lamb. His decision is likely to come on the 17th and there is a huge degree of optimism about what Lamb will do. I had never really felt like Lamb was a likely UK get, but in the last two weeks things have changed a great deal and now UK is likely the leader. As one person told me, "all the Cats have to do now is close the deal." That marks a great step up. Josh Selby: It is assumed by most of those around UK that Selby goes to Kansas. I have no inside knowledge on the subject myself but I am told that is the working assumption by the UK folks at this point. Terrence Jones: The fish that Calipari REALLY wants to reel in. As I said yesterday, Calipari went to the Hoop Summit last night after the Wooden ceremony and is setting up shop in a hotel there. He will then talk today with all of the UK targets and commitments at the Summit. They REALLY want Jones...bad. But he is hesitant to leave the West Coast and no one is sure where his head will end up. I spoke with a person yesterday who said to me, "Calipari thinks this class goes from very good to GREAT with Jones." He is the one to watch. CJ Leslie: Got no real new information on Leslie yesterday. I would still assume that UK leads, but what happens with Jones might change that. The Leslie/Jones dynamic is fragile, because it is unlikely both go to the same school. Getting one is imperative. After all the conversations yesterday, I got the feeling that the staff is shooting for Knight, Jones, Lamb, Poole, Kanter and one other as the overall goal for the class. One might replace Jones with Leslie and in a perfect world, they would like both...but that could be unlikely. The thing that has me so excited is Lamb...he is exactly what UK needs, a shooter...and his commitment would make the backcourt special. Also, a word on Marquis Teague. Everyone at the Boo Williams Tournament says he is absolutely blowing up and giving Gilchrist a run for the best player in the class. Most talk now has him leaning Kentucky, an unbelievable development. He will decide soon. If its UK, expect a celebration like none other and the very real possibility that Kentucky could get 3 of the to 4-5 players in the 2011 class, producing potentially the most highly rated class in history. Finally, much to my surprise, everyone's favorite Wedding DJ Marc Maggard is still doing his thing, as I learned from a set of emails that I somehow receive. He contends that we "steal his information" and then "get it wrong." Unlike Marc, I would never be so arrogant as to believe I am the only person that has information. There are literally TONS of sources for recruiting tidbits, ranging from Jeff Drummond to Steve Jones to Evan Daniels to Dustin to Demling, etc. All have good info and nearly all recognize the universal truth in recruiting...not one person knows everything. Marc, when he relies on giving info and not just arrogant slaps at others, can also have good info. However I am convinced that if Calipari himself said, "I am going to Pittsburgh tomorrow", Maggard would argue with him and say that if he paid him ten dollars, he would tell Cal that he really is going to Buffalo. We cite other sites here from time to time, but it is laughable to think that after the conversations I (and others) had yesterday at the track and on the phone, I would then go to whatever site nomad Marc now calls home and look for his view. I am not nearly as plugged into the recruiting scene anymore as the guys I listed above. They are the best of the best and know much more than they ever even say. But when I do get some information (as happened yesterday), it is usually from the actual sources of people involved in the processes, not to places where I need a "lifer membership." Now if you will excuse me, I have to go cash in my "first drink is free" coupon at this hot new Mexican comedy club I keep hearing about.

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