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I’ll let you in on a secret.  On those rare days when my top level sources don’t call me with breaking news to post for you all, I’m often reduced to refreshing twitter for updates on the going-ons in the sports world.  So today when I saw this tweet from Seth Davis Okay, Tweeps, time to play Ten for Tuesday. Send me your questions and I’ll answer 10 of ’em throughout the day.” I thought two things.  The first, and most obvious, was who actually says “Tweeps?”  After boiling it down to only Seth Davis and those that are making fun of him, I decided that maybe he was on to something.  Posing the same challenge to my followers both on facebook and twitter (and after a helpful bump from Papa Jones,) I’ve got our own twitterview, in very KSR fashion, for you to read on this lovely Tuesday afternoon.

claytjohnson: Do they even give you a mic when you podcast or do you just drink?

Good question, Clay.  I get a mic shaped like a funnel, shaped like a Coors original.  So take that for what it’s worth.  Honestly, it wouldn’t be a KSR podcast without a people -to-mic ratio of 3:1.  Drew and I just try and keep everyone hydrated.

ukandrew: What’s Kate Martins phone number?

…(212) 660-2245 Don’t tell her I told you.

Kige Ramsey: How mysterious is the Turkey Hunter, really?

I met him at the tail gate before the Tennessee game.  He never took of his sunglasses.  He also knew a lot about Mark Coury’s dating patterns.  MYSTERIOUS

jtshelton: By exactly how much does our likelihood of winning football games decrease when Randall Cobb doesn’t get the ball in the 4Q? Conversely, by exactly how much does our likelihood of winning basketball games increase when John Wall takes the last shot?

Our likelihood of winning football games against opponents not named EKU decreases by approximately 70 if Randall Cobb doesn’t get touches during the 4th quarter.  70 million.  Look, I’m no football coach, but if I could put Randall Cobb in on defense, just to make sure he played the entire fourth quarter, I would.

Conversely, as far as John Wall taking the last shot?  Well, I’ve noticed that whenever he takes the last shot, we only win by two, or have to go to overtime.  So my strategy is to not let him take that shot.  We’ve won every other game in much more commanding fashion, right?  Keep John Wall out, and we will win every game by 40.  Statistics don’t lie.  My name is Joker, and I approved this message.

MurrNation: Will the Cats be cohesive enough to beat well-coached UNC and UConn?  If we only can win one, which will it be?

If we can only win one, we win against North Carolina for a couple reasons.  You’ve heard how excited our team is for this one.  That, hopefully, translated to intensity.  Because of that, I think we will see a team that will look far better than what we’ve seen so far in the season.  I do think that we run a risk of coming out tight, and it may take until the first TV timeout before we get rolling, but I think between Cal and the fans at Rupp, the team gets sh*t right, and wins going away.

On the other hand, I don’t think a big enough deal is being made about UConn.  I haven’t watched them much, but from what I have seen, they play a similar up and down style of basketball as we want to.  They are very athletic and quick, and while most opponents have been trying to slow UK down, I think UConn will run with us.  This could make for a very entertaining (or very sloppy) game.  I honestly think we win both, but with UConn being at MSG, and with how excited our guys are to be playing UNC, I take Carolina if I can only pick one.

jimb1590: If Jones got such a great new hair cut, why does he still look like Moe Howard in that Podcast Picture?

That is Matt’s show-time hair.  Little known fact is that Matt actually wears wigs.  His ‘new haircut’ is his going out wig.  You only get to see that if your one of the KSR UK Fans of the Day.

philliplady: Is Demarcus Cousins ready for the NBA?

Is Demarcus Cousins ready?  No.  Is Boogie?  Yes.  Though it’s worth mentioning that the toughest front court we’ve seen him play against to date was during the blue-white game, so the official verdict is still out.

claytjohnson: Why is Luke Harangody considered good?

I think it’s mainly the whole ‘surprise’ factor.  If you watch Friday Night Lights, look at Landry Clarke.  Do you expect him to be good at anything other than running a Dungeons and Dragons campaign?  He’s the same person.  You expect to see Luke Harangody playing the guitar hero arcade machine at the movie theaters and then lining to go see “Nightmare Before Christmas in 3-D,” (though, to be fair to Luke, I would go see that too.)

William Ratliff: How much longer is Brian’s internship, and does he still get hazed?

I think it lasts until people realize his name is spelled with a ‘y’ and not an ‘i.’  I hope I didn’t just ruin it for him.  Sorry Bryan!  And while I’m still lower than him on the totem poll, I’m pretty sure he has to do my laundry if I tell him to.

Chris Magruder: If a wild bear (not Chicago Bear) had to fight either Tom Brady or Drew Brees, who would the bear pick and why?

Tom Brady, hands down.  In a head to head match up, Brady’s got no defense.

And that’s it folks, The first KSR Ten for Tuesday! If you liked it, follow me on twitter (wslentz) and send me questions.  Maybe we’ll do another one of these.

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