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“An Adrenaline-Pumpin Action Ride!” Also known as night golfing with Gillispie.

I won’t lie.  After a big win, I will run through the gamut of UK websites in my rotation.  Then I will do it again.  Then, I must admit, I like going to our rivals message boards and see what they are saying about us.  I know, I know, nothing ever good normally comes from that practice.  But it’s fun, isn’t it?  Here’s what they were saying last night (and today,) the results of this experiment may surprise you.

First, let’s head over to UConn’s rivals board, where they are debating the merits of one John Wall…

RE: Wall

Wall – huge talent. HUGE.

1. Great on ball skills – awesome hands, awesome handle, awesome passer.
2. Great athleticism – extremely quick, great vertical, 0 to 60 better than 99% of guys.
3. Great floor vision. He sees the entire floor all of the time.
4. Virtually ambidextrous. I watched a 10 minute highlight video of the kid. Very unusual point – his preferred 1-hand dunking hand is the opposite hand with which he shoots.
5. Cold blooded shooter. Proven already. Shoots the big shot better than the normal shot.
6. Killer instinct – he plays to win, every play, every game.

Conclusion – likely going to be one the top 10 ballers produced in this century.

Huh.  Well, okay.  I can see some Wall love, I mean, that makes sense.  Can’t blame them for recognizing greatness where it lies. How about we check out Indiana, and see what our next opponent thinks about us.

In a discussion about strategies for the game…

I think we are in for a rough go of it on Saturday. I think that if you look down the rosters that it is obvious we are the out manned team on paper and your weakness isn’t exactly a strength for us. We don’t take many threes and we don’t hit many threes. I think the only way we win this game is if we make it a defensive war and we value each and every one of our possessions. My strategy would be to be very physical with your players and see how they respond. I wouldn’t have one man guarding Wall all day. I’d continue to rotate some of our longer guys against him (Rivers, Jones, Creek) and try and deny him entry into the lane. Wall can shoot but that isn’t the strength of his game. A box and one might even be an effective defense. If we do play the zone, our guys need to recover quickly to shooters.

I think that Kentucky has really good players. I think those really good players are still really young and are prone to making the same kind of bone headed mistakes that our players are prone to making. We need to cut down on our mistakes and make your team pay for every single mistake they make. Our main thing is to make sure the game is close (within 5 points) for the majority of the game. If we are within 5 points with about 5 minutes to go, I like our chances.

What I like about this post, is that they understand things aren’t likely to go their way.  But yes, I will admit, if IU is within five points with about five minutes to go, they have a chance.  Of course, that’s assuming that our entire starting line-up has fouled out… but sure, they’ve got a chance.

How about Number One in the land right now, Kansas?  What are they saying?

Kentucky celebrates beating #12 UConn at MSG, we celebrate another 30 pt blowout of a barely D1 school at home. This schedule is really sucking. I know Memphis was supposed to be this and UCLA is down blah blah blah. Bottom line is we aren’t getting tested at all.

Next up LaSalle on a neutral court. In KC of course.

I think at this point, KY has the best chance to get to March without a loss. I’m sure they’ll drop one or two but they look to be through the toughest part of their schedule.
Hm… sounds like somebodies jealous.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it’s too likely we get to March without a loss, but they are right in that we’ve passed our two biggest pre-conference tests.  Speaking of jealousy, let’s round out the trip around the internet with a pit stop at the Louisville boards…
Can We Go Ahead and Forfeit the UK Game?
I’m just thankful the game is in Lexington and not at Freedom Hall. I have season tickets and would feel guilty not attending a home game at the Hall, but with it being a road game I can go out and run or go to the gym and lift weights or go drink somewhere.

I am so disgusted with where UofL basketball is at this point in the season.  I know Pitino will have these guys playing great ball by February, but in the meantime its about as frustrating as it gets. No recruits coming in for next year due to Pitino’s misconduct and losses to UNLV and Charlotte. Hell, I’m figuring we’ll lose to WKU and UK.

Oh well, probably shouldn’t have posted this, but I’m disgusted with how fast UK has regained its form and how fast we’ve fallen from last year.

Aw, poor little brother.  Is somebody scared?  And whatever happened to Siva being better than Wall?  We promise we’ll be gentle.  Maybe.
Go Cats.

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