Behind The Scenes Notes and Observations from Media Day

Behind The Scenes Notes and Observations from Media Day

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bone-dab2 Another Kentucky Football Media Day is in the books and I'm already back home in Madisonville resting up for my run at the Eli Barron golf tournament the next two days. Our hardworking staff here at has graciously flooded your desktops and laptops and smartphones with plenty of football coverage from today's events; now I am here to share a little about the experience behind the scenes. Some notes and observations, if you will.   Mitch Barnhart said 'remarkable' a lot. The morning opened up with comments from Mitch Barnhart, athletic director for your University of Kentucky Wildcats. Barnhart spoke about the state of the program and several of its standout students (not student-athletes) who he called remarkable, several times. I counted 11 'remarkable' drops in his brief introduction to the day. That's pretty remarkable. And to be fair, the stuff he was talking about is pretty remarkable. A high school play-by-play man from Williamsburg stole the show. The media room was introduced to Stan Lovett, the voice of Williamsburg basketball and football, during this morning's press conference. My man Stan, who sat directly behind me, caught some attention (and criticism) for his questions and statements for Mitch Barnhart and the coaching staff during the Q&A sessions. First, he asked Barnhart about one day hosting the state championship in CWS -- a fair question, but he also mentioned he doesn't particularly like the hot dogs at the current venue. Then he went on to ask Mark Stoops if he is still passionate about his job, and took the mic to tell (not ask) Eddie Gran, simply, Drew Barker was tough in high school and C.J. Conrad is a good tight end. It was Stan's world and we were just living in it. This is a really funny group of players. Whether it be Derrick Baity saying Blake McClain can't be trusted because he has green eyes, or Jordan Jones photo-bombing his teammates' interviews, or the entire secondary mocking each other's ping-pong skills, this team is full of comedians and cut-ups. Hopefully they know to turn it off when it's time to get down to business, but today they were as fun as any group I can remember. So many funny and outgoing personalities -- it'll be a fun year covering this team, especially if they're winning. Here's some of that ping-pong debate: Have you heard about Matt Elam? He lost weight. Matt Elam lost weight, you guys. I don't know if anyone told you. He slimmed down. Yes, Matt Elam. Matt Elam lost weight and looks better than he ever has on campus. I can't believe no one mentioned this today. Elam lost weight. Be sure to tell your friends because I bet they haven't heard. The strongest arms in Commonwealth Stadium today? John Clay's, without question. clay-ipad He can hold that iPad up for hours. It's been a rough summer on the water for Kash Daniel.  While most reporters wanted to know about Daniel's first summer, first camp, and likelihood of playing as a true freshman, I went straight for what really matters to the young linebacker: fishin'. I asked Kash if he'll be able to survive the next three weeks away from his rod and reel, and it turns out it'll be no different than the rest of his summer: Not a daggone bite, he says. Matt Elam lost weight. In case you skipped over that part. Plenty more from Media Day to come...

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