Benny Snell: "31 years, that is long gone"
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Benny Snell: "31 years, that is long gone"

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonabout 3 years


Few people were happier than Benny Snell after tonight’s game. Kentucky’s star running back had 175 yards on 27 attempts, and not only did he help snap the streak, he got to shove some trash talk back in the Gators’ face.

“There’s no feeling like this,” Benny told reporters afterwards. “During the week, I was just thinking about the moment, all the fans leaving, it was what I dreamed about. It’s the best feeling in the world. I can barely talk, I’m so happy.”

Florida linebacker Vosean Joseph said earlier this week that he didn’t think Benny was anything special. Benny admitted he saw those comments and noted that Florida’s captains were even disrespectful during the coin toss on the field.

“And that’s exactly what they did,” Benny said of the trash talk. “I’m glad to be in this position and even when we went to shake the captains hand, it was disrespectful. The guys not shaking our hands, saying little comments about our team. Me saying I’m the best running back at Media Day, it’s like there’s a target on my back because the media says it to them. I overcome adversity. This team overcomes adversity, so watch your mouth.”

Don’t sleep on Benny, and don’t sleep on these Cats.

“This is what I was expecting,” Benny said of Kentucky’s win. “The fight. To not give up. Thirty-one years, that is long gone. Bye. I’m not hearing that no more.”

Let it be known. Let it be said. The streak is dead.


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