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fan-of-the-day-santat Listen, if you want hot chicks to be the fans of the day, you have to send me the pictures.  Otherwise, you get Bert Blyleven.    This is a team and we all have our roles.  That is yours.  Step it up.  I don't know how to get the point across more clearly than with this picture.  Send them to [email protected].  (UPDATE:  We have fans of the day now, but still send in your pictures).  - In Coach Cal's public discussion with the media this afternoon, he said emphatically that has had "no contact" with anyone representing the Dominican Republic national team and that he has given it no consideration at all.  That doesn't exactly match up with what we were told, but it's what Calipari said this afternoon.  However, he did add that it would be an honor to be considered by any national team.  Except Puerto Rico.  Because they suck.  - Interestingly, Calipari also backtracked a bit on his Enes Kanter lawsuit comments from yesterday, joking that he didn't remember saying it.  He went on to say that, if Enes was declared ineligible, their family would have to decide what would be the next step and a lawsuit might be one option.  Whether that would happen, he's not sure.  He ended by saying that he just wants to "encourage people to think".  Perhaps he should start with the NCAA?  - In other news, DeAndre Daniels will now visit Texas on December 27.  Wake me up when it's over.  - One familiar name did find himself eligible this afternoon as former UK-commit Dominique Ferguson was cleared to join Alex Legion and Isiah Thomas at Florida International.  Ferguson's plummet from top-5 player to 46th in his class should fit in niceley with a guy who has played for nearly every D-1 team and a coach who has imploded at every job he's ever held.  Meanwhile, Dakotah Euton is averaging 1.4 points per game for Akron. - On a non-UK note, Gregg Doyel had an interesting take on the UConn women's streak and why he doesn't find it tobe as impressive as Geno Auriemma.  Basically, it's because women's basketball isn't a competitive game.  It's like a guy sitting down and playing his Playstation on the easiest setting.   - On another non-UK note, John Gasaway Tweeted out an interesting stat yesterday that kind of blew me away.  Ohio State's Dallas Lauderdale, who has a name fit for Vivid Video, blocks 1 out of every 5 two-point shots taken while he's in the game.  That makes team defense a whole lot easier. Finally, in case you missed it, check out the podcast edition of today's Kentucky Sports Radio with Matt Jones and Big EZ.  They talked sports.

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