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  Well, that was a roller coaster of the weekend. From the Fantasy Camp experience to the Alumni Game, to the Western debacle to the women's soccer win, Kentucky sports experienced every emotion on the spectrum this weekend. Luckily, KSR College writers were on hand to cover all of it. Here's what you might have missed (while napping at Wildcat Lodge) over at     Let's get the ugly stuff over with. Andrew McCarthy had the dubious task of writing the post-game summary of the Western Kentucky overtime win, and he managed not to shatter his keyboard when angrily blogging away. That deserves a click, amirite?   Brooks Holton is a freshman at Centre College and is apparently really enjoying the discussion-based classes he's taking, because he took the concept to his post Sunday Discussion: What Happened to Maxwell Smith and the UK Offense? It's similar to a difficult therapy session- you don't want to talk about it, but you know you'll feel better after.   As David Mulloy sunnily phrased it, "At least we didn't lose the tailgate." He and Havana Childers roamed the Commonwealth parking lot to capture on film what is now widely considered Kentucky's greatest strength as a football program. JC Ausmus also got a fun perspective with access to the John Calipari Fantasy Camp's tailgate, and let me tell you, it is something swanky.   And to wrap up the football section, I wrote about why I'm already getting a little bit fed up with coaching speculations. Guys. It's September. There is a whole lot of football season left, for better or for worse. Nothing good can come from pressing fast forward on this football season, and I explain why in my post.   Let's lighten things up a bit. Jack Heyburn brought the laughs this weekend, with one of the most unlikely pictures to ever be taken and a brief discussion afterwards. Jack also browsed the Oklahoma City message boards for fan reactions after the announced signing of DeAndre Liggins, and the results are NOT what you would expect. I died laughing.   The Billy G saga continues. Doctors have advised Billy Gillispie to stay stress-free for the sake of his health- how will he possibly fill his days? I offered a few suggestions for him.   And finally, after watching Jim Calhoun's retirement press conference, I started musing on Calipari's (hopefully very far off in the distant) future retirement, using The Sandlot as my analytic lens. I wrote this before the Fantasy Camp and Alumni Game, which would definitely impact my thoughts if I were to rewrite it today- but you'll have to read it to find out why.   @KristenGeilKSR

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