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  With fall sports kicking into high gear (oh, and classes- those have started too), I know that my schedule, at least, is a lot more jam-packed than usual. Time is of the essence, and to help you guys make the most of your Internet time, I'm here to highlight the best KSRC posts every few days. I will also include a funny picture because according to research, that's how you get more people to read your words. Let's goooooo.     This is everything that's right with America. That woman scares me.   -UK fans know that football plays second fiddle to men's basketball, and for the most part, they're okay with it. In "Our Football Team is Living in Our Basketball Team's Shadow," Tara Bilby argues that while this favoritism may be the case, that doesn't mean UK football is without fans. Lay off us, Dick Vitale.   -You thought you were done hearing about the Louisville game, right? Well, not quite. Andrew Cassady closes the book on the loss with "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Louisville Football Game Edition."    -Getting away from football for a minute, Jack Heyburn addresses the shot clock's place in college basketball. Does preserving the 35-second clock slow the game and impair players who are hoping to go to the NBA, or is it necessary for teams to run set offenses? Should it be shortened to 24 seconds, or can we compromise somehow?   -First, John Burke's post "Joker Adopting a 'YOLO' Mentality" has two of the greatest pictures to ever be placed side-by-side in the history of the Internet. And, it's a well-researched argument for how Joker's play-calling in the Louisville game showed that he's ready to take some risks this season.   -Stats on stats on stats- Brooks Holton has 'em, "Ranking the UK Offense Against the SEC." It's not too pretty, but it's probably better than you expected (UK's offense, not Brooks' writing- he's pretty solid).   -Did you know Nick Roush moonlights as an Intramural Football announcer? Me neither, but apparently that's the case. Check out "Miraculous Game to Start Intramural Season" for a dramatic narrative of the ATO-Kappa Sig game.    -Kentucky football will attempt to redeem themselves with Saturday's game against Kent State. Andrew Cassady provides a handy guide to the opponent in "Know Thy Enemy: Kent State." Spoiler alert- I don't think a Golden Flash is a real thing. Also, there's no such thing as posting the Kent State wrong way punt return TOO many times.   -And finally, Adam Schilt is passionate about getting the UK students behind the football team and, even better, into the actual stadium. In "A Plea to the Students," Adam appeals to the Big Blue Nation's pride and urges students to get out and support the football team. He also calls out a blonde freshman for not realizing the football home opener is not the same as Homecoming. Freshmen, SMH.   Stay tuned for more football and other fall sports news this weekend- it's shaping up to be an exciting one.   @KristenGeilKSR

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