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  This week's best of KSR College is brought to you by Rajon Rondo hiding in a closet at Fashion Week to eat a cupcake undisturbed.       I'm sorry, but is that not the funniest thing you've ever seen? Glad you liked it. Let's move on to the best of KSR College so far this week.   Andrew Cassady, the consummate professional, pushed aside his UK pride to honestly rank the SEC football teams in this week's SEC Power Rankings. Read to see if Kentucky has a chance against Florida this week.   Speaking of Florida, Brooks Holton did a little digging and found a look at the Kentucky football program through a Florida football writer's eyes. Brooks also drops an absolutely terrifying stat regarding Kentucky and Florida scoring in the first quarter of their previous four match ups. Yikes. However, I do think it was kind of the Florida writer to refer to our Western loss as "humbling." That's a nice little spin.   The men's and women's soccer teams both earned victories this week. Dean Bowling covered the men's win over Eastern Tennessee last night, and I wrote briefly about the women's soccer team, who are still undefeated in SEC play against some really tough competition. Check it out.   It's Big Blue Madness time, so let's have some fun. JC Ausmus provided some fun facts surrounding the madness, and Havana Childers wandered around the tents to photograph some of the Big Blue Faithful. So did Tara Bilby. Did you make it onto their iPhones?   And finally, in case you've somehow missed hearing about the epic Stone Cold vs Nerlens Noel one-on-one game that's taking place tonight, Hayley Minogue wrote up a quick pre game preview. Read it, then go check out the matchup at 9 pm behind the Craft Center. Who's side are you on?   @KristenGeilKSR

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