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  With fall sports kicking into high gear, I know that my schedule, at least, is a lot more jam-packed than usual. Time is of the essence, and to help you guys make the most of your Internet time, I'm here to highlight the best KSRC posts every few days. I will also include a funny picture because according to research, that's how you get more people to read your words. Let's goooooo.   As much as I love Tara and Willow, I love the guy on the left even more. Sweet sunglasses!   -Did you know that the NFL kicked off yesterday? No? Neither did half of my fantasy football league. I took some time to recap the performances of former Kentuckians, including of course Randall Cobb's punt return and David Akers' record-tying field goal. -Nick Roush analyzed the important of rivalries through a different lens, turning to the Holy Cross and DeSales high schools and comparing their antagonism to that of Kentucky and Louisville. I say this with no sarcasm- it's a really smart post that deserves a read. -Our football writers certainly kept busy, and luckily they had a more pleasant game to write about than last week. Adam Schilt stayed up late on a Saturday night, blogging his heart out about the Kent State game- the low attendance, the improved offense, and the still-shaky-but-hey-better-than-last-week defense. -Andrew Cassady also wrote his Cliffs Notes-esque weekly summary of the game, going over The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of the Kent State game.  Bolded phrases and list lovers everywhere salute you, Andrew. -Want tailgating photos? We have those too. Tara Bilby and JC Ausmus were our roving reporters on Saturday, and they captured some great images from outside of Commonwealth Stadium in Tailgating Pictures Part One and Part Two. -It's no secret that Kentucky's offense is already looking to be more entertaining than last season, and a large part of that is because of how quickly the offense has been calling plays. Will Totten explores whether the no-huddle offense is here to stay and how it could help us in SEC play. -And in case you missed it, Wilder Treadway wrote a thorough guide covering the Do's and Don'ts of Tailgating. If any of y'all made rookie mistakes for the Kent State game (skipping the shower beer, wearing inappropriate attire, and failing to fuel properly), check his post out and correct your behavior for Saturday's game against Western. -On the more creative side of writing, Hayley Minogue somehow found herself with enough free time to rewrite a Drake song, UK style. Blue Nation, what's up?   @kristengeilksr

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