Best UK Player Ever Tournament Bracket

Best UK Player Ever Tournament Bracket

Matt Jonesover 14 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
logo.jpeg It is that time of year again. Yes, it is time for me to once again attempt to complete a Greatest UK Player ever Tournament. I have given a couple of attempts in the past, but the momentum has always waned and we have ended up letting it go before we advanced very far. But not this time! This time we have the whole month of July and we are going to let it ride as we pick the greatest player ever. So how does it work? Easy.....we have a distinguished panel of voters (who will be announced next week), some old-timers, some new-timers and each will vote on who the "best" player was while at UK. Best is in the eye of the beholder, but this panel will each vote and then we will add a "fan vote" which will be done on this website once the tournament begins. Whichever player gets the most votes takes the cake. The players are to be judged in their eras and against their competition.....and ONLY for their COLLEGE performances, not the NBA or ABA. The contest will begin next week. Now without further ado, here is our bracket. We picked the bracket by taking the top 50 scorers in UK history and letting them in.....and then taking the next 50 and skewing towards more recent players to keep the youngsters involved. The brackets were names after the four most successful UK coaches of the modern era. There were some folks left always, but generally this is a good list. Our intern at the radio show, Brian, took the first crack at seeding and I then did some minor revisions. Emphasis was given on points in the seeding process, but this emphasis can change in the "game". So let us know what you think.....its tourney time! Adolph Rupp Bracket (1) Dan Issel (16) Jeff Brassow (8) John Pelphrey (9) Jim Master (4) Pat Riley (13) Randolph Morris (5) Melvin Turpin (12) Richie Farmer (6) Rick Robey (11) Jimmy Dan Connor (3) Alex Groza (14) Dirk Minniefield (7) Chuck Hayes (10) Antoine Walker (2) Cotton Nash (15) Nazr Mohammed Tubby Smith Bracket (1) Jack Givens (16) James Lee (8) Wayne Turner (9) Wah Wah Jones (4) Keith Bogans (13) Jamal Magloire (5) Winston Bennet (12) Jim Andrews (6) Johnny Cox (11) Jeff Sheppard (3) Cliff Hagan (14) Sean Woods (7) Ed Davender (10) Deron Feldhaus (2) Tony Delk (15) Patrick Sparks Joe B Hall Bracket (1) Kenny Walker (16) Anthony Epps (8) Mike Pratt (9) Derek Anderson (4) Bill Spivey (13) Thad Jaracz (5) Kyle Macy (12) Scott Padgett (6) Frank Ramsey (11) Reggie Hanson (3) Rex Chapman (14) Rajon Rondo (7) Mike Phillips (10) Vernon Hatton (2) Ralph Beard (15) Kelenna Azubuike Rick Pitino Bracket (1) Jamal Mashburn (16) Rodrick Rhodes (8) Larry Conley (9) Ron Mercer (4) Tayshaun Prince (13) Travis Ford (5) Mike Casey (12) Derrick Miller (6) Sam Bowie (11) Tom Parker (3) Kevin Grevey (14) Eric Daniels (7) Gerald Fitch (10) Derrick Hord (2) Louie Dampier (15) Walter McCarty

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