Bet You Thought I Wasn't Gonna Post Anything This Week
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Bet You Thought I Wasn't Gonna Post Anything This Week

Mattoxover 14 years


Article written by:MattoxMattox
Block K > Interlocking U.K. True Story. Van 2 Van Keg Tap should be a standard feature on every tailgating vehicle. Van Stand In case some of you mental heavyweights can't figure it out, those are pics of the van we worked on last week for our tailgate. The Wodiemobile made a very impressive debut at the Extravaganza. First keg was floated at 2:50 Saturday afternoon. Kegerator is a must for any hardcore tailgater. All you need is a chest freezer, a refrigerator thermostat, a generator, a kegerator conversion kit, and some power tools. Definitely well worth the effort on Saturday. Seriously it's not as hard as it sounds. The main thing is to not drill through the refrigeration line and allow all the freon to escape. The tailgate itself was incredible. Arrived at 8:30 a.m. and kept the party going right up until kickoff. Nothing quite like getting together with your crew, knocking back a ton of cold beer, and crushing a ridiculous tailgating spread. vs. The Big House Yeah. That was one helluva an upset. Whoopi Goldberg thinks we should all cut Michael Vick some slack. It's not his fault he murdered and tortured dogs. It's a part of his culture. He's from the south. The deep south at that. (Newport News, VA for those keeping score at home) Clearly Whoopi has a firm grasp on southern culture. I remember how much of an impact attending the local dog fights with my father had on my development as a young boy in rural Kentucky had never seen or even heard much mention of dog fighting until the Vick case. I can't be the only one sick of crap like that. Sweeping generalizations and stereotypes by outsiders toward southerners and the south are so much more acceptable than with any other group in this country. If a white guy from the south went on a national talk show and said we should cut Vick some slack because he's black and doesn't know any better he'd be cleaning out his desk before the end of the day. Same principle. Goldberg was born in NYC and probably is as well versed in southern culture as I am in ice dancing. So glad someone so ignorant and misinformed has a national platform to help perpetuate negative stereotypes about a specific group of people. She's not the only one though. There's a definite snide, condescending undertone even in sports as it relates to the south. Have a passion for your favorite SEC football team? You're probably an uncultured redneck with misplaced values and an unfathomable emotional investment in the outcome of a sporting event. Have a passion for the Boston Red Rox? You're not an uncultured redneck with misplaced values. You aren't too emotionally invested in the game. Nah. You're just a die hard. A member of The Nation. No one questions your values or your intelligence because of your allegiance to a northeastern baseball team. Funny how that works isn't it. Kent State didn't pose much of a threat to the Ohio National Guard in 1970 and they won't pose much of a threat against the Cats on Saturday. A little closer than EKU, but a comfortable margin of victory. Gonna go with 42-21. Solid week 2 opponent to build up some confidence and experience heading into the game against the Imperial Football Powerhouse Louisville Cardinals. It's still hard to imagine them descending from on high and venturing from the great Big East Conference to play our lowly team. We will truly be in the presence of greatness on September 15th. In the spirit of Matt Jones posting some douche bag UofL fans' pic earlier, I give you another douche bag UofL fan's pic: 73 Game Day Forecast: A little something different this week. The game day forecast is coming at you courtesy of Mary Wasson of WTVQ. She's a meteorologist, I'm not. Prolly has a better handle on this than I do. It'll be a nice day to head out and enjoy the tailgating and pre-game festivities on Saturday for the Kent State game. We're expecting sunshine during the morning and early afternoon but right around game time we may have to dodge a few showers and thunderstorms. There's about a 30 % chance Saturday night through Monday. So just keep an umbrella handy during the afternoon and your jacket handy during the game. It won't be a washout by any means but just a few isolated thunderstorms. Who can complain...WE NEED IT! Temperatures are going be be in the mid to upper 80s. Join me every morning on Good Morning Kentucky for the latest forecast! GO CATS!!!! -Storm Team 36 Meteorologist Mary Wasson M.K.

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