Big Blue Fans put UL Athletic Dept. in a Frenzy

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Aritcle written by:Bryan the InternBryan the Intern
Photo courtest of the Courier-Journal Not only do Cats fans get the satisfaction of knowing that our team crushed our rivals in their own building, but now reports are coming out the UL athletic department is none too happy with the amount of blue in the lower level of the Chicken Shack Friday.  As you can see from the picture above, there are noticeable spots where blue is dominant, but overall I would say that 90% of the lower arena was red. But, that didn't stop Tommy Turtleneck and the boys from overreacting.  As Clay points out in the article, some have reported that UL officials were taking picture of the sections with blue so they could identify which UL season ticket holders gave up their seats to UK fans.  Honestly, I can not imagine ever giving up a seat to a UK-UL game, no matter where is the arena.  But, if somebody gives you an absurd amount of money over face value, then you can't hate on somebody for taking that.  It's called capitalism.  It's called America. Moral of the story is: Tommy in Unamerican.  You're either with us Tom, or you're with the terrorists.  As a Big Blue fan though, you have to get a certain amount of joy out of this implosion, if reports are true.  The fact that our fanbase and it's passion were enough to put so much blue into the lower deck that they are freaking hunting down season ticket holders, the people who basically pay for their programs and it's "medical procedures".  Ah, the year long bragging rights are going to be too much fun.

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