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Billy Donovan


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Obviously, Billy Donovan to the Magic is the biggest story of the day for UK fans. We reported here about a week ago that the deal was being negotiated, but in truth, I first started talking about this a month ago. Donovan was trying to hire an assistant from Virginia, but kept putting him off (for over a month). This assistant that ended up being hired a week ago (which did make me question my sources) felt like the NBA was the reason for the delay. He was right. I don't mind saying here that the NBA was also a MAIN FACTOR in Billy not coming to Uk. Hindsight in this case is much better than 20/20 cause we got the right Billy for the job....let's talk about the Billy that matters to UK now....


Samardo Samuels' guardian is now being quoted as saying that UK is a MAJOR player for Samardo. I understand that Samardo was not even mentioning UK as an aside prior to a day or two ago. When I posted about Samuels a few days ago, I knew that it would be difficult for some to believe...and still probably is. The simple fact is this....Billy Gillispie is not a good recruiter....he is not even a great recruiter....he is an AMAZING recruiter. The best part about this is, he is one hell of a coach as well. Samuels may not end up at UK, but if the right things happen, he very well could be a Cat in the next few weeks.


If Jai Lucas decides to get out of his LOI to UF and Foley lets him out, It would not surprise me to see him at UK. I am quite certain that he was disappointed at the least when Patterson came to UK. He was all but told that Patterson was going to be a Gator. I also am quite sure that UK would still be interested in his services.


There is also an AMAZING 2007 PG from South America that you may soon hear associated with UK. He is taking his SAT in the next few days and if he can make the score, the Cats may have a future NBA PG on it's roster. Again, that is all I'm prepared to say at this point for fear of making a mess of the deal. I hope all can understand that I try to say as much as I can without causing potential harm to UK's efforts.

VCU head coach and former long time UF assistant Anthony Grant will be a top candidate for UF's job. He was in Florida in recent days and has called a coaches meeting for 8pm tonight...I expect UF AD Jeremy Foley to act FAST to shore up his incoming class and make contact with the 08 studs that are listing Florida as a leader. Grant is a great recruiter and could easily get the job done in that regard. He's a dang good coach as well.


I'll be at Pangos All American camp this weekend in Los Angeles. Look for reports here and on


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