Big Event in Lexington

Big Event in Lexington

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wheelchair.jpg Wheeling into town, the 30th annual Bluegrass invitational wheelchair basketball tournament begins this Friday, Saturday and Sunday pretty much all day each day games will be played at the Seaton Center on UK's campus. Check out the skill involved when the best disabled athletes in the world come and compete with as much passion as you would see anywhere else. You'll be amazed at the skill and speed of the game which was started shortly after World War 2 when injured War Veterans were coming back and needing recreation. To briefly sum up the game, its pretty much the same exact rules as the NCAA game, except for no double dribbles, which is altered to allow 2 pushes then one dribble before being counted as a travel. Our local team is the Hill on Wheels team in Lexington and Louisville combined, sponsored by Cardinal Hill Rehab hospital(Who could always use donations to help fund us:-) Our local teams first game is Friday at 4pm but feel free to check out the games anytime you get a chance. It's FREE OF CHARGE so its a great chance to bring a family down and keep yourselves busy over the weekend before Super bowl sunday! I have been before and it is one of the cooler events you will see. So check it out if you get a chance.

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