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BigTimeTimmyJim Baseball's in full-swing, and Cy Young and World Series winner Tim Lincecum celebrates his 28th birthday today.  He also apparently got a haircut, which seems to serve him well even if it makes him look like Ryan Gosling and Joseph Gordon-Levitt's hyper-aged love child.  It's probably good that those two never had a kid together in real life, though, because if they did, no other guy would stand a chance.  But Lincecum has fallen from the spotlight a little after the Giants World Series win, but hopefully 28 will treat him a little better. Plus, he'll always have this: Onto the news... -Mark Stoops is making the offseason interesting, and thank Pan, the goat god, for it.  The Cats' 2014 class has moved up the rankings dramatically this week, and currently has a shot at a (temporary) #1 ranking.  That won't stand once 5-stars start dropping, but it's still something to hang onto, and this class is looking to finish super-strong; at least in the top 20.  Take a look at this one more time: 2014Class No words... Should have sent... A poet. -Possibly the biggest commit this week was Stanley "Boom" Williams, who not only is an elite running back (#1 all-purpose), but is also in contention for greatest nickname ever.  It just rolls off the tongue.  "Boom" Williams.  It's nice.  But whatever you call him, look for explosive plays from Boom in 2014.  See?  "Boom?"  "Explosive?"  That's gonna happen a lot, so probably just get used to it. -Drew Barker got his Elite 11 swag today, and I'm jealous.  It's packaged so nicely. -Are Western Kentucky fans turning into "Littler Brother?"  Their uppity attitude and assumption that Kentucky fans should root for them is at least something to make you hate the red Grimace they call a mascot. -John Wall was in a fake movie trailer with Jack Black, Kyle Gass, Ed Begley, Jr., John C. McGinley, and Rachel Bilson.  What is this I don't even -In Basketball recruiting news (are we turning into a basketball school?), 4* Power Forward Craig Victor aptly described UK as the "American Dream school" of college basketball.  Victor has some offers already, but is only waiting on one from Cal and Co.  Could Craig join Karl Towns in the 2014 Class?  Will they make their own Twitter account, too?  Pan, I hope so. -BTI doesn't think Darius Miller's jersey should be in the rafters. Agree to disagree.   That's all for today, but with the iron hot in football recruiting, tomorrow might be bristling with surprises.  Stick around.  Or go play golf.  We'll be here when you get back.

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