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But comes up with the wrong answer.  Generally respected as one of the more balanced and reasonable Duke Alum’s out there, Jay Bilas has had an off and on again relationship with Kentucky fans throughout the years.  When he’s on, he’s on, but every now and then he’ll churn out a silly pre-game summary where he picks Louisville to beat Kentucky and goes and looks like a fool.

Still, Bilas has some good points and it is an interesting read, despite the faulty conclusion.  Check out his summary here, but it boils down to Jay saying that Louisville will put the young and inexperienced Kentucky team out of their game, and the frantic pace will favor the Cardinals, not to mention the depth of Louisville.

These Cats may be young, but they are not inexperienced.  With two juniors and a senior in the starting line up, not to mention the rest of the team having already played against Washington, UConn and in a hostile North Carolina game, Kentucky is more than equipped for this game.

The myth of the Cardinal Depth issue has been addressed over and over, but no analysis better than the Turkey Hunters.  “Louisville’s roster is like the buffet at Golden Coral.  Nothing particularly good, but they have a lot of it.”  Well the buffet just lost their meatloaf, mashed potatoes and dinner rolls, as Louisville is without Buckles, Marra and Justice for the game.  Depth is a wash.

So, Mr. Bilas, I contest that you did not do your research this time around.  I mean, no worries, it happens to the best of us.  The game will play out close in the first half but I expect the Cats to find their comfort zone early in the second and win by 6-10.

Go Cats.

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