Bill Clinton Comes to UK and Praises Football Cats

Matt Jonesalmost 11 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
clintonuk Bill Clinton (who looks quite sleepy in the picture above) was on campus today at UK, stumping for Jack Conway and generally getting the students in Lexington all in a frenzy. The last person to send the Twitter and Facebook world into such hysteria among the UK students was Jason Mraz, and just like Mraz, Clinton is someone Beisner has dreamed about while watching Gilmore Girls. Bill spoke on a number of topics, but most importantly (at least according to the KSR spy in attendance), he gave some huge props to the UK football team. He praised the Cats for coming back against Auburn on Saturday and showing the spirit of a champion, even in a loss. He analogized that comeback to politics, playing on his own role as The Comeback Kid during the early days of his political career. While he didnt finish the analogy to its logical conclusion (even though they came back, UK did lose in the end...something Jack Conway may not have wanted to hear), it was good to see the former President give a shout out to the gridiron version of the Cats, rather than just our basketball boys. Bill Clinton can still get a crowd going like no other, but as far as I know, cant run the Wildcat like Randall Cobb or play defense with a cast like Danny Trevathan. But Mike Hartline has been known to balance a budget in his day, so I give the UK football Cats a slight nod over President Bill. The UK students can now settle down for a couple of least until Tosh.0 comes to Louisville next Wednesday. clintonuk2 clintonenes

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