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bill-romanowski Good morning, my KSR family, and welcome to your Friday News and Views.  This post not only signals the start of your Easter weekend, but it also marks my first post since becoming a celebrity on Thursday.  I've promised my family that I won't get all strung out on coke and hookers or leak any photos of myself online, but I don't want anyone doubting the legitimacy of my fame so I'm going to do what every big-time star does.  I'm going to throw my popularity behind a cause.  My cause?  Hating former NFL football player, Bill Romanowski, who turns 44 today.  As a child, I hated many things (mostly washing my face and AWANA), but nothing really came near my passionate dislike for the first "Romo" to wreak havoc on my Cowboys.  Romo was the type of dirty that you couldn't help but hate and the guy you prayed would get his nuts all twisted up by Kevin Gogan in a pile.  At various points in his career, he ended a teammates career by ripping of his helmet and punching him, kicked Larry Centers in the head, spit in JJ Stokes' face, tried to punch Tony Gonzalez and threw a ball in Bryan Cox', umm, last name.  Plus, he did it all while apparently on 'roids and looking like Cliff from Dead Man on Campus.  Since retiring, he has tried his hand at acting, put together a blog of some sort and, apparently, made himself a candidate for the Broncos' head coaching job by sending a PowerPoint presentation to owner Pat Bowlen.  So, try as he might, he still hasn't worked his way into the Oldham Era.  So, please, join me in hating Bill Romanowski.  If you don't, I'm going to have to pose semi-nude for PETA and I know no one wants that.  Except maybe Drew. Now, onto a few UK notes... - I had the pleasure of speaking with El Capitan Jones this evening, who told me that he had a chat with Shelby Valley's finest, Elisha Justice late Thursday.  Justice said that Coach Cal told him a scholarship could be available for next season (that's an understatement) and that he wants Kentucky's Mr. Basketball to talk it over with his parents and let him know if he is interested.  As someone who is still waiting on the same phone call from Tubby Smith, I'll be severly disappointed if the summer pickup game star is anything less than giddy like school girl at the thought.  I'm sure we'll know the answer soon.  - One thing Justice might have to think about, though, is whether or not there will be playing time available at the point as Rivals' Jason King reports that John Wall hasn't decided whether or not to go pro.  Wall told King that "college is a great experience" and that he didn't think he would have so much fun.  Wall said that he'd make his announcement in the next week or two and, regardless of his decision, he's going to finish the school year and eventually get his degree, just as he promised his father before he passed away.  Smart money says he goes.  Smarter money says he's one heck of a kid.  I'm continually blown away with how much character and class he's shown given the position he's in.   - Another interesting note from the King article is that Wall said that he, DeMarcus Cousins and Eric Bledsoe will all make the same decision.  Wall called the trio "brothers" and that they talk about it all the time.  Given the near certainty of Cousins and Wall entering, it is probably safe to say we've seen the last of Eric Bledsoe too.  However, it won't stop me from having sweet 2010-11 dreams tonight.  - On Thursday's episode of As the Orton Turns..., Larry Orton said he was misquoted at some point when speaking out about his son.  I didn't see anywhere that elaborated on exactly what was misquoted, but it does bear noting that Steve Beisner stands by his words that if Matt Jones gave me a fair shot, I'd kick his ass all over this blog.  - According to the Cat Scratches blog on, Joker Phillips has renamed the punt team as "the bombers".  This is not a joke.  This is true.   - As I noted on Wednesday, there might not be a more headline-seeking player than Josh Selby.  The point guard from Baltimore proved this again on Thursday with an April Fool's prank.  Selby posted on Twitter that he would announce his decision in an hour and then said it was an April Fool's joke.  If he keeps this up, he's going to work his way into the Oldham Era.  - It's not a completely Wildcat-free Final Four as Coach Cal and John Wall accepted their Rupp Awards in Indianapolis on Thursday evening.  Wall got all suited up and took home National Player of the Year and Cal took home Coach of the Year.  You know this already, but you wanted to hear it again.  Didn't you?  - A pretty cool note off of campus on Thursday as students held a "One more year" pep rally for, well, pretty much the whole team, I'd assume.  I'm not sure what difference it made or how powerful the message was, but kudos to the students for putting it together.  The coolest thing about this team, to me at least, was how it seemed to unify students, fans and alumni and this is just another example.  If you took part, good for you.  Very cool. - In the first half-way meaningful use of his Twitter account ever, Dick Vitale said the Cats would sign a "blockbuster" class.  Despite the excitement of this being one of the few Vitale tweets not consisting of him re-tweeting someone who re-tweeted him, I'm not sure how much stock it carries.  But, then again, I'm just still bitter. That's it for now.  Stay tuned throughout the day as we get you all set for the greatest Friday in the history of the internet.  Make sure you stick with us all day long.  See you in a few...

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