Bill Self does not care about the rules...

Hunter Campbellover 12 years


[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="AP"]AP[/caption] Our friends at Deadspin posted a report yesterday concerning some improper contact between Kansas coach Bill Self and and super-recruit John Wall during a recent tournament. A reporter covering the Missouri tournament witnessed the exchange, which occurred during an evaluation period when coaches can observe recruits but can't have contact, a rule Coach Self doesn't seem to have much time for. Here's the meat of it:
That's what was so curious when Kansas coach Bill Self came rolling through. ... Of course, Wall is the top uncommitted recruit. Self had to know I was a reporter and even said hello to me. I just thought he'd stand there, maybe even wave to Wall to let him know he was there. Instead, when the Holy Rams poured out of the locker room, Self was excited: Self: "Johnny, great win man. You really played well." Wall: "Thanks." Self: "I'm not supposed to be talking to you, and you know that, but I just wanted to tell you that was a great win." Then Self vanished.
I understand that this is a minor violation, but if Coach Gillispie did something like this, I'm guessing it would take Jeff Goodman 0.00006 seconds before he wrote an article condemning us as cheaters. In fact, just today, Self admitted to the contact and has left it in the hands of the NCAA to determine if the contact was improper. So we'll just have to wait and see, but while you're here, read the NCAA definitions of "Contact" and "Evaluation Period" and judge for yourself. Oh yeah, here's a link to the original article by a writer who looks like he's 14.

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