Bill Simmons and Jalen Rose says Sacramento is now "Boogie's Team"

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Grantland is rolling out its NBA Team Previews this week, and yesterday, it was the Sacramento Kings' turn in the spotlight. Both Simmons and Rose say that they love DeMarcus Cousins, but the Kings still need a veteran on the team to guide them in their rebuilding effort. Their suggestion? Rajon Rondo. What advice does Simmons have for DeMarcus Cousins? Stop shooting jump shots. DeMarcus is a 45% field goal shooter, which Simmons says is proof he isn't a jump shooter and needs to stay down low. Jalen Rose thinks Boogie needs to spend his new money on a private plane. Check out the preview in full, which includes an awesome montage of Boogie photos starting around the 10 minute mark.

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