Billy Clyde is a Lunatic

Matt Jonesabout 9 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
I knew Billy Clyde was nuts, but I thought like most developed human beings that he could change. Apparently not. Tonight, Jeff Goodman of is reporting that it was an absolute train wreck for Billy Clyde at Texas Tech. According to Goodman, here are a few of the facts: --- Since Billy has been at Texas Tech, 15 players have left prematurely. --- During his 18 months in Lubbock, over 30 members of the program, including staffers, have departed. --- One player was required to practice with stress fractures in both legs. --- Players often had to go for more than 20 hours a week (the NCAA limit) and at times had practices of over four hours in a row. --- "The team's star player, Jordan Tolbert, cut his hand on the rim one day last year in practice and suffered a four-inch gash across his fingers. The next day, according to one source, Gillispie had the trainer bandage his hand and then instructed Tolbert to dunk the ball every time he caught it." --- Before every game, Billy Clyde would require everyone involved with the team, including tv and radio announcers, to do a layup drill and if they missed, they had to run the steps of the arena. Tom Leach and Mike Pratt thankfully did not have to deal with that. In the article, many players criticize Billy Clyde and we find out that one player who left was named "Wannah Bail." He was quickly followed after by "Gotta Goe", "Cyah Brah" and "Outie Dawg". In all seriousness, Billy Clyde is an absolute disaster. It is surreal to think he was the coach at Kentucky.

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