Billy Clyde takes in Scotty Hopson

Billy Clyde takes in Scotty Hopson

Matt Jonesalmost 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
scotty55.jpg Got a great game report tonight from, of all people, an ex-girlfriend, who called in to say that Billy Gillispie was in the house to watch Scotty Hopson and his UHA Tigers tonight at Tates Creek. Hopson finished with 32, but 25 of those were in the second half, described by the girl as "crazy" (that means good). Also joining Gillispie at the game were "two big guys who were coaches" (likely Cyprien and Webster) and "that Legion guy." So there you go, quite the combination of folks at Tates Creek watching Scotty Hopson. Who knows.....we might see the kid in Blue yet. And oh yeah, she said that the Darius Miller "seems sweet" dont get that kind of scouting from Bob Gibbons, that is for sure.

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