Billy Clyde's Tuesday News and Views

Billy Clyde's Tuesday News and Views

Matt Jonesover 14 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
billyclyde1.jpeg Normally we spend this portion of the nightly post honoring someone out there who has a birthday or someone who is notable in the news and attempting to add some sense of enlightened rhetoric to this here two-bit blog. Not today my friends....there is no time....for if we waste a second, Billy Clyde will have visited ten more recruits! What Billy Clyde has done today is really quite amazing. Awaking in Atlanta, Georgia, Billy Clyde met with Chris on a plane and went to Huntington to meet with Patrick Patterson.....and then got on a plane and finished the day in Illinois with Beas Hamga. Now you see why he needed that $300K for recruiting. Three top one day. I would say that such a performance is virtually unheard of in UK history and is truly one to be respected....or viewed as a dangerous excess....your choice. I choose the former, because I am the eternal optimist. You do what makes you feel good. In the course of you reading this paragraph, Billy Clyde has sent ten text messages and given three recruits' grandmothers a foot massage, so we must move to the news quickly.... (1) The big story of the day if you followed the blog (and it seems you have by our amazing hit count tonight) is that Beas Hamga is looking more and more like a real target for 2007. Lets review. First our own Marc Maggard has reported that he is committed to being a 2007 recruit IF (and it is an important if), he can get is classes in gear to make it happen. Hamga has also told that UK is his leader and his teammate Darrington Hopson told a New Mexico newspaper that Hamga was likely headed to UK. Billy Clyde visited Hamga today, likely to tell him that he is now and to try and make this happen. We are hearing reports that he may visit UNLV this weekend, with a visit to UK sometime after. Hamga likes UK very much, and it is clear that he wants to make the 07 thing we just have to wait and see if he can. As a player however, Hamga is a top flight talent....6'10" with a wingspan of someone 7'4" and an ability to move up and down the court with the greatest of ease. Think what you had always hoped Jules Camara could be.....this one could be big folks....look for him later in the week on the new STREAMING Sports Mob show. (2) Only with the Hamga news could the Jai Lucas story be pushed to the backburner. Well really, there isnt much of a story. Jai told me tonight that he is planning on making a decision to narrow it to 2-3 schools on Wednesday and then make a final decision either late in the week or early next week. Lucas said he got the same detailed presentation from Billy Clyde that Patterson got, complete with his entire schedule for two years, mapped out TO THE DAY (talk about neurotic). Jai says he loves his relationship with Billy Clyde and Coach Sip and is comfortable with the info he has to make his decison. What will he do? Only time will tell......but the Lucas saga, which we never thought would end.....may very soon. (3) Chris Singleton of Atlanta also got a visit today, which says something about UK's interest in him. This was the last day for Billy Clyde to do such visits and to make that interaction at the last minute shows where Singleton is on the priority list for UK. Singleton is another great athlete and a good shooter....think a less polished Tayshaun Prince, who Kentucky would love to pull from the grasp of UT and Georgia Tech. A 2008 class with him, Willie Warren and Darius Miller could have people shouting from the rooftops.....expect more action on Singleton very soon and look for an interview on this site in the next two days. (4) The silence is deafening from the Michael Sanchez camp. We have no confirmation of a Billy Clyde visit, no word on when a trip to Lexington will be set up definitively and no public comments in quite a few days. I am hearing that Sanchez is visiting Wake Forest this week, but it is unclear where UK is on his recruitment.....and whether (maybe importantly) the Cats' movement on Beas Hamga has changed their tune with Michael. We hope to learn more in a few days, but for now, Arkansas is a black hole of news. Amidst all of this recruiting, today is a HUGE DAY for this site and our show. Beginning at 3 pm -7 pm today, The Sports Mob will be streaming LIVE on the internet at Every day, Rob begins the action at three, I join later in the day after law duties are filled. We will post a thread on this site with the link to the streaming and our guest list from the day and you can use the comment section to talk during the show. PLUS, you can call in and join the conversation at 1-800-510-ESPN from anywhere around the country. We hope to make this quickly the biggest sports radio show in the state and to have UK fans from all over America unite with one talk radio experience. Check it out on Tuesday as we have Marc Maggard at 4:30 and then Woo and Randolph Morris from 5-7 pm. This is the start of a special community for UK fans and we want it to be as successful and fun as the blog.....join us beginning tomorrow. We will be here if news breaks........

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