Billy Gillispie a candidate at New Mexico State

Billy Gillispie a candidate at New Mexico State

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billy-g The Las Cruces Sun-News named six candidates for the head coaching vacancy at New Mexico State and your boy Billy Clyde Gillispie is in the mix. Here is what Mark Rudi had to say about Gillispie as one of the six candidates:
Billy Gillispie, Ranger (Texas) Junior College head coach: Gillispie has gone from having one of the best head coaching jobs in college basketball at Kentucky to being the head coach at Ranger Junior College in Texas. Gillispie has some local ties as well, being UTEP’s head coach from 2002-04. His resume includes being the head coach at Texas A&M and Texas Tech as well. Gillespie’s Division I record is 148-108. He was named Big 12 Coach of the Year in 2005 and 2007 while at Texas A&M and was named Co-SEC Coach of the Year in 2008 at Kentucky. However, Gillispie resigned from Texas Tech after going 8-23 in his only season in Lubbock, citing health reasons, and was accused of exceeding practice limits at Texas Tech as well. A Ranger JC spokesperson told the Sun-News on Wednesday through a e-mail that he hasn't heard of any contact between NMSU and Gillispie or if NMSU has asked to speak with him. Gillispie seems to be named in a lot of coaching searches and always said he is pretty happy in current position at Ranger JC. []
If you recall, a story came out in November of last year with a quote from Gillispie saying his current job at Range Junior College is the best job he will ever have. “This is the last job I’ll ever have. I’ve never been happier," he added. That attitude may change if New Mexico State comes through with an offer. As much as he may love Ranger, one would have to think he'd like to get back to coaching college basketball on the D-1 level. A quick Google search tells me there is no Merrick Inn in Las Cruces, so it could be a good fit. Good find by Anthony Wireman.

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