Billy Gillispie once held a 7 hour 15 minute practice

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonalmost 9 years


Some more details are coming out about Billy Gillispie's practice habits at Texas Tech and they're not good. USA Today has obtained emails from the Texas Tech administration that highlight just how bad things got in Lubbock leading up to Gillispie's resignation. Among their findings: -- A mother of one of the players wrote a letter to the administration complaining her son was verbally abused by Gillispie at a basketball camp in June -- The school self-reported exceeding the NCAA maximums of four hours practice per day and 20 hours per week. After an investigation, they concluded that Gillispie and his staff exceeded practice time by a total of 6 hours, 10 minutes in the fall semester. -- Included in that were two practices over the weekend of Oct. 29-30, 2011 in which the team practiced for 7 hours, 15 minutes on Saturday and 6 hours, 30 minutes on Sunday. -- How could they have gone three hours over their daily practice limits? Assistant coach Bubba Jennings, responsible for documenting the practice times, said in the school's report to the NCAA that he simply "didn't wear a watch." Almost fourteen hours of practice over two days? That's so Gillispie.

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