Billy Gillispie "Thats a Bad Question"s Tom Leach

Matt Jonesover 12 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
In the postgame furor that was enveloping Big Blue Nation (and if my text messages are any indication, it is at a high for the Clyde era), it was easy to forget about Gillispie's postgame interview with Tom Leach. In that interview, Leach asked Gillispie why Meeks sat for a large chunk of the second half. Gillispie deflected and talked about something else, but then came back later and told Tom that he was a great broadcaster but that it was a "bad question" and that what he should be asking about is why he sat Perry Stevenson, AJ Stewart and Josh Harrellson. He then used this softball question to himself to take the time to rip all three young men and talk about how they dont "give Patrick any help." Leave aside the merits of the question about the three big men, it seems once again that Billy is comfortable telling everyone else how to do their job. After two straight interviews with Jeanine Edwards that were difficult to watch as a UK supporter, Gillispie tells the voice of the Cats (and one of the nicest men you will ever meet) that his question was also not up to Gillispie's standards and proceeds to tell him what question he should be asking as well. Now to be fair, Gillispie didnt have the obvious sarcasm in his voice as he did with Edwards and because no camera was on, we couldnt see the trademark smirk, but it was once again an attempt to strike down a question by acting as if it is not worthy. Anyone who watched the game had to wonder why Jodie Meeks was not playing in the second half. If the Cats had given up or Gillispie was trying to make a point to the other players, MAYBE it would make sense....but Gillispie didnt blast Meeks' play and he PUT HIM BACK IN with 3 minutes to go. So why sit him in the eight minutes prior? It certainly seems like a legitimate question to me. But even if it wasnt a great question, Billy's act in these manners is growing old. Answer a question....or dont, but you dont need to be rude in the process. Coach Gillispie can at times be one of the nicest people you will meet, but he also at times acts like a smirking smart-alec that thinks he is the smartest man in the room. Gillispie bristles at any criticism of his coaching....which is understandable and probably normal. But he has no problem giving that criticism to others, all with a smirk that is becoming more than a bit tiresome. I dont think Gillispie meant to be obnoxious last night to Leach. And I am sure knowing Leach as I do, that he will move on and forget about it. But for a coach who makes one puzzling decision after another to continue to criticize all who wonder about those decisions....well that act is growing a bit old.

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