Billy Packer

by:Matt Jones03/31/06
Its that time of year again. Time for the complaints about the "Nattering Nabob of Negativism", Billy Packer by college basketball fans. Every year there is something, and this season it was his indictment of the mid-majors. Thus many folks are looking forward to this weekend's Final 4 game involving George Mason, to see if Billy will publically eat crow or if his head will simply explode with rage. But to get those of you prepared for hating Packer (which is a full time job for most of us), I have rounded up a few anti-Packer rants for your viewing pleasure. The first is a recent "letter" to CBS Sports President Sean McManus, projecting Packer outrage. Then you have this oldie, but a goodie, as a young eager Hoopville reporter named Matt Jones (handsome fella isnt he) wrote this piece on Billy Packer's status as America's least favorite announcer. It is still the one thing I have written in my life that has drawn the most commentary. Finally, for those of you who love the audio experience, here is an interview with Packer from a couple of years ago where he showcases a bizarre side, including commenting on the relative stupidity of the George Mason student body. A good listen, even if the sound is a little "KSR Radio inteviewing Josh Minton"-like. For the record, I thought Packer was ok during his calling of the two UK games in the first round. Not overly negative and some good insight. But in general, he still stinks.

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