Bishop Ireton Represent!!!

Matt Jones10/03/06


Article written by:Matt Jones
A new feature that we are beginning on the blog is called, "Learn About Kentucky's recruits' high schools." This is a pointless feature that will likely be informative to no one, but is something that I am doing anyway. I hope you enjoy. Kentucky's first recruit, Mike Williams is from England (which of course means that he will be a source of comedy for four years), but he actually goes to high school in Virginia at a school known as Bishop Ireton High School. According to its official website, Bishop Ireton is a Catholic, college preparatory, and coeducational high school serving students from across the Washington Metropolitan area in grades 9 through 12. From the always informative "Bishop Ireton This Week" (hosted by George Stephanopholous), I learned that seniors Mark Bezold, Kevin Bloomfield, Daniel Mace, Caitlin McHale, Mary Katherine Neatrour, Andrew Owen, and Alyssa Poblete have been named Commended Students in the 2007 National Merit Scholarship Program and Senior Jessica Corpancho has been recognized as a National Hispanic Scholar. I have to say that Mary Katherine Neatrour's award does not surprise me.....she is good. But Andrew Owen has always been an underachiever in my book. From this same great publication, we learn that the Bishop Ireton Drama Club is starting a production of "The Night Thoreau spent in Jail", a play that I have never personally seen but has been reputed to have mesmerized literally dozens when performed on PBS Membership Drives across the country. Also we find out that "world renowned" hypnotist James Munsey will be performing at Bishop Ireton High School, bringing his "family-friendly" hypnotism to the school. From Munsey's website we find out that he, James Munsey is a "Certified Stage Hypnotist, specializes in shows for students helping them have fun, relax and create memories in his hilariously entertaining hypnotic show." That sounds grand and exactly the type of thing that teenagers growing up in the "SexyBack" generation would want to see. Of course I plan on learning all of this up close and personal when the Kentucky Sports Radio crew makes our roadtrip to Bishop Ireton High School for the first of our "KSR Play by Play" recordings of UK commitments' games. This will be a great feature (at least we hope) where we call a game (if what we do can be said to resemble announcing) and then interview the kid after the game....all the while seeking to make it interesting for you, the KSR listener. My only hope is that when we go to Bishop Ireton, we see them showcasing themselves as well as they do on this MUSIC VIDEO which shows still frame highlights of the Bishop Ireton season set to the backdrop of very important sounding music. Check out in the video who some of Williams' teammates are. I didnt know that Alexi Lalas played basketball but he seems to be a featured player on the team. And like all of Bishop Ireton....he seems to be awesome!

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