Black Friday News And Views
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Black Friday News And Views

Shawn Bridwellabout 14 years


Article written by:Shawn BridwellShawn Bridwell
Black Friday, is that time again. Only a few hours after many of us spend time with our families on thanksgiving, appreciating what we are all thankful for in our wonderful lives, we find citizens terrorizing the streets to get the best deals on Christmas presents. Not only is it a mess traffic wise, but some people are willing to go to whatever extreme to make sure they have little Johnny what he is expecting from ol' St. Nick. Forget about all of the giving and special thoughts from the day  before, this my friend is a all out battle for shopping supremacy. Arguements, fights, you name it and you will find it the day after Thanksgiving. I never understood why some people put themselves through the misery of fighting those extremely large crowds and unbelievable rude people, but some people just love to shop, and a little controversy brings a spark to their eye.  (1) We are still anxiously awaiting the official word on what seems like the never ending recruiting story of Leonard Washington. Eligible, not eligible, USC, Kentucky, at this point I think many fans who follow recruiting so close are just ready for it to be over with. We originally heard that he would make a decision by Thanksgiving, well that time has come and gone with no tip of the hat, but we understand if everything does fall into place for Leonard, he most likely will become a Kentucky Wildcat. (2) Just one day away until the Cats try to break the streak against the ugly orange and white Vols. CBS has picked the game up live nationally, and what better way to defeat rocky top than to have Verne Lundquist on hand calling the shots. Run the ball, run the ball, run the ball. Kentucky puts up 125 plus rushing yards and they win the game. Through the first seven games of the season Kentucky posted a 6-1 record while gashing defenses for 186 yards per game on the ground. Since then the Cats are a sketchy 1-3 and posting only 85 yards per game rushing. Run the ball well and Woodson is money, don't move the ball on the ground and the offense becomes very predictable which allows the defense to tee off on Andre. (3) Is there a better story right now in sports other than Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers? If there is I would like for someone to tell me just what it is. The past few seasons Favre has looked very ordinary with constant bad decisions as well as a lack of anything remotely close around him that resembles play makers. Well this season, Favre has given a more relaxed approach to his game, and he has been stellar. The Pack now Stand at 10-1 and are set with a shown down next Thursday night with the also 10-1 Cowboys. I am not a big Packers guy, but to watch the amazing arm strength of a guy that age, and to complete 20 consecutive passes on Thanksgiving day in route to four touchdowns and 381 yards passing, well it was some sight to see. (4) AJ Stewart came off the bench Wednesday night to put up some very  nice numbers and  showcased what he is capable of when he slows down and plays within himself. The way Stewart glides across the floor and his ability to get  to the rim so quickly make him a potential starter if he can continue to improve. He complimented Patterson well in the second half, and hopefully can polish some moves up offensively as the season progresses. One thing is for sure, he plays as hard as anyone, and we know with Billy Clyde that alone will earn you playing time. Something to keep an eye on. (5)  Plenty of football and basketball on today to lay around  and finish off the left overs from Turkey day. There is no better time than the holidays where you can spend time with the family, have a few drinks, pig out with great food, and kick back and watch sports. I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving and continues to enjoy the rest of the weekend off. Pull the Cats in Saturday against the Vols and watch for Leonard Washington updates here all weekend. Black Friday...what a great day.

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