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Blue Notes

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bluenote Well, here we are (again). Another road loss, another dreary sky, another day of dealing with obnoxious rival fans while, at the same time, trying to figure out what went wrong and what can be fixed with this team. With that said, let's all take a step back and wipe off the tears/fix that hole in the wall. Take a seat, lay down, and push play on some good 'blue' music to help you cope with today. After a good wallowing, we can all move on with our lives and hope the team does something similar as they close out the season. * Elvis - Kentucky Rain: A twitter follower said it best with, "It's raining in Lexington today because God hates when Kentucky loses" (via @thereallordbyro). The day after a loss always strings. It hurts even worse when we had our hopes that this team was 'road ready' possibly for the first time, only to have those hopes shot in the foot. * Joni Mitchell - Blue: I certainly feel blue today. I am sad we lost and disappointed in went down in near identical fashion to every other disappointing road loss. In fact, I am so sad that I might write and record an entire folk album about my blueness. Excuse me while I light this candle and get emo by refusing to roll out of bed. * Eiffel 65 - Blue (Da Ba Dee): Okay, well... I thought about it for a while. It is just silly for me to be this upset over a basketball game, and this song reminds me that being blue can be really goofy and odd to those not experiencing it. * Animal Collective - Bluish: I came to my senses, but I am not over it. I went from 'blue' down to merely 'bluish'. * B. B. King - The Thrill is Gone: No Blue Notes is complete without some blues music. B.B. shouts a phrase that we all feel at one point in our lives; "the thrill is gone". This mirrors the feeling of 'malaise' that Matt and others have discussed as floating around the fanbase and program. This team came out looking strong, but the road woes have really bogged us down and makes us question whether there is any thrill left in watching this team. Despite this crossing my mind, I know these Cats have some thrill left in them. * Stevie Ray Vaughan - The Things That I Used To Do: The legend goes like this: the gods invented blues and handed it down to the African-American population, who perfected it. Then, white people stole the blues. Eventually, Stevie Ray Vaughan, as a non-human entity, took it back and then delivered it back to the gods upon his death. The struggles of this year's team make me think back to last years team and the 'things that they used to do'; such as rolling through the SEC with only two losses, and whipping bad teams on the road with heart and passion. But, as we have harped on all year, comparing this year's team to last year's is just a way to cause yourself unnecessary frustration. If we want to compare 'things we used to do' and feel good about where we are now, then we need only look back two years ago when we missed the NCAA tournament under Gillispie. * Ben Sollee - How To See The Sun Rise: Ben Sollee (accompanied here by the great Craig Wagner), apart from being an amazing local musician from Lexington, really puts certain emotions into words/song well. Here, he provides us with a hopeful message we can all grasp onto going into the final stretch of the season.

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