Blues Traveler singer won't leave Kentuckian alone online

Blues Traveler singer won't leave Kentuckian alone online

Drew Franklinabout 4 years


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Blues Traveler frontman John Popper is caught up in a Twitter beef that's lasted three years and a resolution is nowhere in sight. On the other end of the feud? A man from Versailles, Ky. Forrest Rutherford, a proud Woodford Countian, first tweeted Popper in 2014, using a pseudonym to conceal his true identity. But a couple of weeks ago, Popper posted an aerial view of Rutherford's Versailles home along with his address. A fan of Popper's band then called on a Mexican drug cartel to pay a visit to Rutherford's home, which, of course, did not happen because why would a Mexican drug cartel care about Blues Traveler's Twitter critics? In a story for The Daily Beast, Rutherford said he has tried contacting Twitter, but it's gone nowhere. It's not just a Twitter problem, though; Popper has also taken the fight to Facebook. “On his Facebook post, he said I was a danger to his family and a stalker. That caused some comments on that post that were death threats,” Rutherford told The Beast. Read the whole bizarre story of 90s pop singer versus Kentucky social media account: John Popper From Blues Traveler Will Not Stop Posting Aerial Pictures of My House There are a lot of thin-skinned people on the internet, but John Popper's skin may be the thinnest. He's been blasting this guy from the Blues Traveler's band page because he couldn't handle a little Twitter heat. Let it go, man.

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