Bo Diddley's Monday News and Views

Bo Diddley's Monday News and Views

Matt Jonesover 14 years


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diddley.jpeg Sometimes a news story comes along and makes you sad in a way that you didnt see coming. Such was the case today when I heard that Bo Diddley had a stroke and was in critical condition. When I was a kid there were two artists whose albums I saw for sale on television during commercials for the Brady Bunch and Different Strokes. One was Fats Domino, thus explaining my affinity for "Blueberry Hill" and the other was Bo Diddley. I absolutely loved Diddley's self titled song and its quick rhythm and beats. Still to this day, that song would be one I would put on my CD to take to a desert island (always good to think up your own if you get a chance) and I often use it as a quick pick me up when I am tired and worn down. The news that Diddley, who was never fully paid for the music that he so brilliantly created and often had robbed by others, is having serious health problems brought me down a bit. But hey when that happens, I have a remedy....and I am listening to it now. To the news.......... (1) The big news of the weekend is that Coach Cyprien's comment of the possiblity of more 2007 recruits has been given some clarity with the news that Las Vegas point guard Hank Thorns has been contacted by UK. Thorns is a short Jai Lucas-like 5'9" speed demon who has made a name for himself by playing a good game against Washington signee (and second guest ever on Kentucky Sports Radio) Isaiah Thomas. Thorns averaged 28 points a game in high school and, impressively for his size, 12 rebounds. He is known for his uncanny moves and strong shooting ability, but his defense remains a question mark. Kentucky has gotten into the recruiting war recently, but UVA and LSU are also inquiring. At this point Thorns has offers from New Hampshire and Old Dominion.....but more are coming. Thorns will be joining us on the show later in the work.....but his recruitment may be the next UK story to follow. (2) So what does that mean for the uber-point guard recruit of 2008, Brandon Jennings? Well every cut that gets made by Jennings, Kentucky makes it. EVen though he has never visited the campus, knows little about the school and has only been recruited for a little over a month, Jennings now lists Kentucky in his top three, along with UCONN and Arizona. Both of these other schools have spent a long time on Jennings and his stated preference for UCONN suggests that Arizona may not be in very good shape. But Kentucky is the unknown.....and Billy Clyde is a hard worker. Get him on campus, and who knows? We will be in North Carolina next weekend to see Jennings in action.....for UK they have to hope they can put off the decision long enough for Billy Clyde to work his magic. (3) "You Will Play for Kentucky, Its just a matter of Time." You gotta love that confidence.....Jody Demling today reports that Billy Clyde told 2010 Kentucky prospects Dakotah Euton and Chad Jackson to be ready, because they will end up Wildcats. These two young men are the future of Kentucky high school basketball and will lead Rose Hill to be state championship contenders for the next three years. Billy Clyde sees the future for these guys and wants to lock them up maybe now. He told both guys that he will watch them at the "Elite" camp this summer and then likely make an offer. Billy Clyde goes after them early....and these two (who will have UNC, Florida and maybe Duke after them) are on the receiving end of his mojo. karz.bmp (4) Ok when people say there is an ESPN bias against UK, I tend to laugh. A network the size of ESPN cares about one thing more than anything and if they believe they will get it from UK, they will hype the team....and that will happen in the near future. But I have to say.....something is up with Andy Katz. (picture courtesy of the newly created blog with promise from "The Sports Guys") First he practically BEGS Billy Donovan to stay at Florida, even though every other commentator acknowledges he is considering the job. Then he is the ONLY ESPN writer not to believe UK is one of the top TEN programs in America for the next ten years. And now, he writes what seems like a total nonstory about Kentucky canceling the UMASS game this year. Katz's comment....which is essentially, "things are different because Tubby isnt there" is par for the course recently for him and makes one wonder what his story is and if the bias is real. We could ask him, but he is the ONLY national reporter who believes himself too big to return our calls. But of course he is Andy Katz and he works for I guess we must simply submit. (I do wish they hadnt cancelled the game thought). Big week ahead as we have Hank Thorns, Romero Osby and other scheduled. We are building towards the Woo graduation party in two weeks. Lots to come through the days, so stay tuned.....Patrick is done, but we arent....

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